Brief Intro of RFID Student Identity Card

RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification. Radio frequency identification is a wireless application program and a type of automatic identification technology. Usually used for access control and logistics tracking. This technology is very widely used in our social life, almost everywhere. For example, RFID student ID card, RFID parking system, RFID toll station and so on.

RFID student ID card

A technical high school is planning to use RFID student ID cards. One of the purposes of this ID card is to conduct student executive committee elections. The use of RFID student ID cards can help the election committee to process the election process efficiently and quickly, avoiding the tedious use of manually recording student information.

In addition to the necessary hardware (such as RFID reader RC522 and Arduino board), the RFID tag that needs to be used is MifareĀ®. For the election, the choices made by the students can be stored in the MySQL database. The use of RFID student ID cards is expected to help the election process be faster and more efficient, and the electoral results will be more fair.

RFID technology capabilities

RFID is a standardized technology that is commonly used in low-cost tag construction and identification processes. Before applying a new technology, the first thing to consider is its efficiency. In other words, the expected result can be proportional to the investment of the released resources. The use of RFID requires a standardized process, including a benchmark test process to ensure its efficiency and accuracy. For example, in the elections mentioned above, when there are multiple candidates, it is extremely necessary to ensure fairness and justice in the election process.

The use of RFID technology helps to improve the comfort of staff and reduce the burden on staff, especially in the work related to identifications. In addition, RFID technology can also be used in the supply chain, it can monitor whether the goods are misplaced.

More importantly, RFID can also link the data identification process in the database with the decision-making process. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a good data classification process to ensure the sensitivity and diversity of the data.

With the development of technology, the use of RFID technology has become wider and wider. Now is an information age, so in the process of information transmission, it is necessary to pay special attention to network security issues. Narciandi et al. demonstrated the ability to recover the RFID tag signal with multi-level settings by using only airborne signals for demonstration purposes.

The emergence of RFID student ID cards is extremely necessary. It can ensure fairness and improve efficiency during elections. At the same time, it can better supervise students and regulate their behavior. If allowed, schools should upgrade their internal systems and use RFID student ID cards instead of ordinary student ID cards. After all, this is a more efficient tool. RFID is automation technology. If it is used in school management, it will save more manpower and time.